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How to get around Seattle without a car?

In reality, the Seattle is a wonderful town with the affordable public transportation. Even, it is very simple to visit Seattle without a car in a most comfortable way.

You can also obtain a countless quantity of rides on the public transportation for just $8 per day. If you would love to use the public transportation while traveling, of course, this is one of the most economical as well as efficient ways to visit this city. Moreover, you can obtain to view a lot more; because you did not even have to focus on your driving.

In the downhill Seattle, renting a car can be a lot burden than attain benefits from it. This is because; parking on downhill is very difficult as well as costlier too and also the routing hotel parking rates can increase up very fast. Apart from this, the ride share and taxis services are plentiful and also become a simple way to obtain, where you want to go. Thus, the public transportation in Seattle is a fantastic option and also getting the better comfort journey. Whenever you plan to visit Seattle, below are some of the best ways to travel to Seattle without a car that includes:

link light rail

The Seattle street car

Primarily, the street car in Seattle has couple of various lines that include one running from downhill to the Union of South Lake and another one from Pioneer Square to the Capitol Hill through the International District.

The Seattle mono rail

There is a mono rail runs in Seattle from the West Lake Center in downhill Seattle to the foundation of a Space Needle in the Seattle center. Actually, this kind of shipping is privately owned and also its fare is not moveable from other mediums of transport.


Link light rail

This link light rail in Seattle normally runs from the Sea TAC Airport downhill to the University of Washington in the North East Seattle. It has some station stops at the following places such as Pioneer Square, Capitol Hill, downtown and the International District. The airport station is around just 5 minute walk from main terminal as well as baggage claim and the train depart each 5 to 10 minutes or so. Also, the trip into downtown takes around 35 minutes. However, this is a longer travel than the taxi ride in best conditions, but it can also be very faster, particularly, if there is heavy traffic.


The buses are commonly reliable and also able to go anywhere.

However, you may likely need to use any combination of these entire choices for visiting Seattle without a car and also it is a very simple way to do so.

When you are planning to travel around Seattle on the public transportation, you can simply getting the services of public transportation. Even, there is a one day pass available for the seniors at just $4. Therefore, the public transportation is a best way to travel around Seattle without a car.